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Neat. Celebrates B Corp Month: Our Commitment to Purpose and Sustainability

Neat. Celebrates B Corp Month: Our Commitment to Purpose and Sustainability

  • by Clare Austin
Neat. Celebrates B Corp Month: Our Commitment to Purpose and Sustainability

We are super proud that neat is certified as a B-Corp. We wanted to share with you what that means as we prioritize purpose, social and environmental responsibility.

What is a B-Corp Certification? 

B Corp certification signifies a commitment to a higher standard of business practices. It evaluates a company's impact on five key areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers. To achieve this certification, businesses must demonstrate evidence of responsible practices related to energy use, waste management, water consumption, worker compensation, diversity and corporate transparency. This prestigious certification is granted by B Lab, a not-for-profit organization driving the global B Corp movement. 

There are over 950 certified B Corps based in the UK. This community includes diverse companies such as The Guardian, innocent, Patagonia, The Body Shop, and Abel & Cole. The B Corp certification reflects a commitment to redefining success in business by prioritizing people and the planet alongside profits. Clare to add details of other B Corps we celebrate here?

Neat.'s Commitment to Doing Business Differently

Chris Turner, Executive Director of B Lab UK, had this to say about us: “Neat.’s commitment to doing business differently will be an inspiration to others and really help spread the idea that we can redefine success in business to be as much about people and planet as it is about profit”. 

Our founders Josie Harfield and Ryan McSorely share what B Corp certification means to them:

"Making responsible decisions on a social and environmental level has been in our DNA from the beginning, but we must continue to push boundaries and use our business as a force for good." 

"B Corp is more than just a label to us, it's an ongoing framework for us to understand what we are doing well, and what we can improve to have an even greater impact." 

Sustainability at the Core: Neat.'s Refill System

Our mission is to make sustainable choices simpler by creating planet positive solutions that perform brilliantly. We are transforming the home and personal care industry. At the heart of this revolution is Neat.'s sustainable refill system. This system aims to eliminate single-use plastic entirely and minimize water wastage. Clean is reimagined with effective, plant-based formulas that are both gentle on people and the planet.

Voted Household Brand of the Year, Neat.'s innovative products are available in major UK retailers including Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, across selected Tesco Ireland stores and on

Neat.'s Impact on the Five Key Areas

  1. Governance: Neat. has demonstrated a commitment to ethical and responsible governance, ensuring that its decision-making processes prioritize social and environmental responsibility.
  1. Workers: We love our team! We prioritize fair compensation and flexibility. Did you know we were one of the first UK companies to trial the 4 day working week? 

“It would be easy to conform to the normal ways of working but having flexibility to build a business and a team around being a parent was really important to me. Not just for myself but the team and the future of the business too. I want to prove that you can be successful as a start up without sacrificing your health, happiness and family along the way.” Josie Harfield neat CEO.

  1. Community: We recognize the importance of building strong and sustainable local connections. Small changes in our homes lead to big differences for our communities and planet. 
  1. Environment: Neat.'s innovative refill system, free from single-use plastic and unnecessary water wastage is helping the UK homes to reduce their environmental footprint. Did you know neat customers have helped us to save: 
  • 378,044 litres of water
  • 81 tonnes of carbon 
  • 64 tonnes of plastic 
  1. Customers: We offer effective, plant-based and biodegradable formulas that prioritize the well-being of consumers and the planet.

B Corp as a Driving Force for Positive Change

As we celebrate B Corp Month, thank you for joining us in moving toward a more sustainable and purpose-driven future. By choosing Neat., you’re embracing design-led, eco-friendly products and supporting a small UK business that values the well-being of people and the planet. Thank you!