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Kick Start Plastic Free July

Kick Start Plastic Free July

  • by Clare Austin
Kick Start Plastic Free July

An Easy Guide to a Greener You

Have you heard about Plastic Free July? The global movement that challenges us all to reduce plastic waste and make more sustainable choices. Let's help you embark on this eco-friendly journey with our refillable and environmentally friendly products. Whether you're a seasoned environmentalist or just starting, this guide is here to give you some ideas.

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is an annual campaign that encourages individuals, communities, and businesses around the world to reduce their single-use plastic consumption. The goal? To create a world free of plastic waste by promoting more sustainable habits.

When Did Plastic Free July Start?

Plastic Free July began in 2011, initiated by the Plastic Free Foundation. The campaign started as a small, local effort in Australia but quickly gained traction as people worldwide recognized the urgent need to address plastic pollution. It’s now a movement involving millions of participants in over 170 countries. The foundation's mission is to build a global initiative that dramatically reduces plastic use, helping to create cleaner streets, oceans, and communities.

How to Do Plastic Free July: Tips and Tricks

Participating in Plastic Free July is easier than you might think. Here are some practical tips and ideas to help you reduce your plastic footprint this month (and beyond):

1. Start with Small Changes

You don't have to overhaul your entire lifestyle overnight. Begin with small, manageable changes. For example, swap out single-use plastic items for reusable alternatives. Bring your own shopping bags, use a refillable water bottle, and say no to plastic straws.

2. Embrace Refillables

One of the simplest ways to cut down on plastic waste is to switch to refillable products. Neat offers a range of eco-friendly, refillable cleaning products that are perfect for this. Our stylish bottles and concentrated refills mean you can clean your home and hands without contributing to the big plastic pollution problem.

3. Shop Smart

Choose products with minimal or no plastic packaging. Look for items sold in glass, metal, or cardboard containers. Support Certified B Corp brands like neat. that prioritize sustainable practices and offer refillable options.

4. DIY Solutions

Get creative with do-it-yourself solutions. Make your own skin or even hair care items, and snacks to avoid buying plastic-packaged goods. You'll find plenty of recipes and ideas online to get you started.

5. Say No to Single-Use

Make a conscious effort to avoid single-use plastics. This includes plastic cutlery, plates, cups, and food packaging. Bring your own utensils and containers when dining out or getting takeaways.

6. Educate and Advocate

Spread the word about Plastic Free July. Educate your friends, family, and community about the impact of plastic pollution and the benefits of going plastic-free. Advocate for change by supporting policies and initiatives aimed at reducing plastic waste.

How Neat Can Help Kickstart Your Plastic Free Journey

At neat, we're committed to making sustainable living easy and stylish. Here's how our products can help you start your plastic-free journey:

Refillable Cleaning Solutions

Our range of refillable cleaning products is designed to help you keep your home sparkling clean without the guilt of plastic waste. With Neat, you can say goodbye to single-use plastic cleaning bottles and hello to chic, reusable options.

Concentrated Refills

Our concentrated refills are a game-changer. Simply add water to our plant based, biodegradable, eco-friendly concentrates, and you have a powerful cleaning solution without the need for plastic-heavy packaging. Plus, our refills come in easily recyclable packaging (glass, aluminium and FSC cardboard), reducing your environmental footprint even further.

Stylish and Sustainable

We believe that going green doesn't mean compromising on style. Our sleek, minimalist designs fit seamlessly into any home decor, making sustainable choices look good. Did we mention the scents?! Mango & Fig, Sage and Mint, Fig and Violet…just some of the gorgeous fragrances our home care is available in. Find your favourite!

Community and Support

Join our community of eco-conscious individuals who are committed to reducing plastic waste. Share tips, get inspired, and support each other on your plastic-free journey. Follow us on insta @weareneat for more ideas and updates.

Get Started Today!

Plastic Free July is the perfect opportunity to take the first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. With neat by your side, you can make meaningful changes that benefit both you and the planet. Start small, stay committed, and remember that every effort counts.

Embrace the challenge of Plastic Free July and let Neat help you lead the way. It's time to ditch the plastic and discover the joys of sustainable living. Happy Plastic Free July! 🌍✨