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Introducing the new refillable way to wash up!

Try neat's Foaming Washing-Up Spray today

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Introducing the new refillable way to wash up

Experience a revolutionary new way to wash up with neat's foaming washing-up spray. The first refillable foaming washing-up spray to launch in the UK from a concentrated refill.Say farewell to filling the sink and waiting for bubbles to appear. Our new foaming washing-up spray produces instant foam, allowing you to tackle tough grease and grime right away. No more wasting time and unnecessary water running the tap. With neat's new foaming washing-up spray all you need to do is spray, wipe then rinse for sparkling results.
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Delivers Powerful Foaming & Cleaning Action

Our unique formula creates a rich foam that penetrates and lifts away tough grease and grime, leaving your dishes spotless and squeaky clean.  All that with a plant-based formula, what’s not to love?

Powerful Foaming Trigger

You’ll love the foaming action that our new trigger creates. Once you start spraying you won’t want to stop. The trigger comes with two modes; continuous foam or in short bursts perfect for adapting to what you need to clean.


A washing-up solution that finally delivers on eliminating the need to throw away your bottle when it’s finished or tackle refilling pouches.  All you need to do is add water to the bottle then the concentrated refill to keep using time after time. Game changer.


The most common washing-up offenders that don’t fit into the dishwasher are a dream to clean.  It’s ideal for cleaning glasses, pots and pans, baking trays, chopping boards, drinks bottles, air fryer baskets we could go on and on.  We’ve also tried it for microwaves, oven doors, bins and windows and been blown away by the results.

With neat's new foaming washing-up spray all you need to do is spray, wipe then rinse for sparkling results.

Spray: Simply spray onto the items you want to wash and let the foam do the hard work for you. Leaving no spot unclean tackling the hard-to-reach areas that your dish brush can’t get to.

Wipe: For those pesky, stubborn stains allow the foam to work its magic. If it’s an easy clean-up, get to work immediately with a cloth or dish brush to lift the dirt.

Rinse: Finish up rinsing with water and leave to dry.
From greasy pans to delicate glasses, our versatile spray ensures everything shines.
Washing up never felt so quick and easy.

Don't just take our word on how well it works!


I used it today on a dirty air fryer drawer, with cold water and I was really impressed. I like to use washing up liquid to clean my sink, so this will be perfect for that too.

Revolutionised my dish cleaning

I'm usually a throw it all in the dishwasher person.  After trying this product, it has revolutionised my dish cleaning. I tried it on a selection of items that I couldn't squeeze into the dishwasher, and I was impressed. The scent was gorgeous and just one squirt provided the perfect amount of soap to clean lightly soiled items. I needed a few squirts for an oily salad bowl, but it cleaned up quickly and perfectly.

Gloves not required

If like me, you are not a fan of hand washing dishes, then this is the product for you! You won't regret it.

Absolutely love it!

I have been testing it out over the last couple of days and I absolutely love it. I really like that it is a spray rather than just washing up liquid. It cleans really well and the scent makes it even better.

Author's name

Omg it’s so good!!

Works just like the power wash spray from Dawn but smells way better!!!

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