The Ultimate Anti-Bac Starter Pack Bundle: Multi-Surface, Glass&Mirror and Bathroom Cleaner with 10 additional Plastic-Free Refills

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Our reusable aluminium spray bottles are designed to last.

The bottle is light weight but durable. The spray nozzle is robust and ergonomic. The silicone base provides extra protection and feels great on surfaces.

Oh and they look great sitting in your home.

Our plastic free refills.

Served neat in a glass bottle with an aluminium lid, these 30ml concentrated refills are small but mighty.

A solution for all surfaces, our formulas are not only effective but they smell delightful. Fragrances that are designed to compliment the modern home.

The whole point

A typical cleaning product is 90% water!

We believe small changes can make a big difference.

Customer Reviews

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Ellen Callaghan (London, GB)
Superb cleaning

I have been researching eco friendly cleaning products for a while, and neat popped up, had everything I wanted, stainless steel and glass refill bottle, it came well packaged and easy to assemble, as one person has said the nozel is a bit soft and this can be a little difficult to turn on but I've left mine in the on position, it may loosen as it's used. Originally I had doubts that it would clean as well but by God it's brilliant, the mango and fig smell is to die for, spray on and leave a little while then wipe, it has even cleaned the cooker top with dried on food.
The bathroom cleaner works just as well brings things nice and clean, but I find that this smells like you typical bathroom cleaner and I've never been a fan of that, but other than that it's brilliant.
The glass cleaner can clean mirrors with no residue, it's cleaned my lime scaled shower doors (with a scrubber) then a buff. My hair sprayed mirror it has got the fine spray hairspray residue off but not the larger blobs but even convention cleaners did not clean this, but I will try taking the mirror down and leaving it to soak to see if that works,
Excellent products I leave on the side as they are to nice to put in the cupboard, will definitely be buying a subscription in the future, hopefully more fragrances added to line. X

H.B. (Glenrothes, GB)
A New Beginning

It has arrived, and I am about to try the kitchen cleaner, did all it said, but the only reason I have only given 4 stars is that the open button on the bottle was really difficult to do, if you are elderly you might struggle with this, sprayed over the cooker and the units, what a delicious smell appeared, cleaned and freshened really well, and the eco strengths were great, will look to be purchasing the full range, when I require it, it will definitely be a 5 star then

Jennifer Riley (Manchester, GB)
Love them

Omg love this stuff and love the bottles in my bathroom

Majbritt (Bolton, GB)
Absolutely brilliant, as are my windows and mirrors now.

We have just moved into a new home, and it seemed a great time to change the way we clean so I ordered this starter pack bundle and it arrived today. I couldn't wait to start trying out the products when I opened the box.
The spray bottles are beautiful and the silicone sleeve is a great addition. No loud clonk when putting them down and the bottles just look so much more stylish for it. No need to hide them away in the cupboard. Mixing was straightforward, but it is difficult to see when you hit the 470ml mark on the bottle so I filled up 3/4 with water, added the concentrate and then topped up with water and gave the bottles a shake.
I tried out the glass and mirror spray first and got that satisfying squeaky sound when I wiped off. My windows and mirrors look really clean and there are no streaks. An added bonus is how nice the product smells. No harsh chemical or alcohol smell to irritate the throat.
I then moved on to the surface cleaner and the smell of mango and fig is amazing. I was a bit embarrassed about the amount of dirt that was lifted of the tabletops, but now we can stay on top of it with this product.
Finally the bathroom spray. Another lovely smelling product and it cleans really well. I have not tried it on soap build-up, as we have just moved into our new home, but the sink is shining and the whole room smells really fresh.
Yes, it is a fair bit of money to spend on cleaning products initially, but the bottles are a one time investment and the refills are cheaper than many big brand cleaning products. This starter bundle will have paid for itself fairly quickly and it is so much better for the environment.

Hollie Wemyss (Roslin, GB)

I ordered the essentials bundle for moving into my new house and I cannot fault any of the sprays! They all smell lovely - I can be easily put off by a weird smelling cleaning product - so that says something. They seem to be lasting for ages and the bottles are really good quality. I am so pleased to be able to use a eco-friendly cleaning product in my new home and look forward to trying out the other scent options to see if there is any others I like.
I would love to see the neat. product line expand as I received great customer service and would happily buy more eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning options from them.

Sara (Watford, GB)
So far, exceptionally pleased

The qualify of the bottles is terrific and look really good. I have only used the bathroom one so far which smells nice and it's great not to have harmful product worries re ventilation etc. Fearne Cotton recommend these in her podcast and I am glad I have tried them also. Great brand, great packaging, great ethos and ethics. People can all do more and this helps us.

Adam Draper (Sheffield, GB)
Best cleaner I’ve used!

I’ve tried a few of these eco-alternatives where you at water and most of them haven’t been very good. This one was so good that I actually had to check the website to make sure it was eco-friendly and didn’t have chemicals in it. Definitely keeping this and would choose this over any brand. I really hope they make other products to… Would love to see washing detergent or something like that

Sandra G (Ipswich, GB)
A ‘Neat’ way of reducing plastic

Good customer service, and great for the planet. Good design for the spray bottle, especially the base.

Amy Kerr-Davidson (Aberdeen, GB)

I have just purchased my first essentials bundle. Love everything about them. The bottles are so stylish and robust. The pastel colours of the bottles are cute. The scents are wonderful and no animal testing. Best of all I’m doing my bit to help the planet. What’s not to love?!❤️ Thank you NEAT for making this environmentally friendly swap so easy.

Rebecca W. (Batley, GB)

I don't normally write reviews but we've just been so happy with this product we thought we should share! The bottles look great and work really well. Super powerful spray action plus the mechanism feels robust. The cleaning solutions work well and smell lovely. They really are a pleasure to use. Thoroughly recommend.