SPRAY BOTTLE: Bottle- Aluminium / Spray nozzle- Plastic / Base- Silicone
REFILLS: Bottle- Glass/ Lid- Aluminium / Box- Paper Card
Your refillable spray bottle is designed to work with neat. concentrated refills.

It is designed to last and not for trash. It is aluminium, so light weight but durable. It has a silicone base that gives it extra protection where it needs it and feels great when placing on hard surfaces. This base can be removed for cleaning.

To get the most out of your bottle and so it lasts as long as possible, we recommend you clean it after each refill. Simply rinse the bottle with warm water. To clean the nozzle, fill the bottle with clean warm water and pump a few sprays into the sink until there is little or no foam. Give everything a wipe so it stays looking fresh and clean and you are all set for your next refill.